Installing NT Workstation Version 4.0

This process takes about 3 hours, so don't start too late in the day.

Before beginning, assemble the required media, piled up in this order:

  1. WindowsNT Setup floppies (3)
  2. Windows NT CD-ROM
  3. 3Com ethernet floppies (2)
  4. WindowsNT Service Pack 3 CD-ROM
  5. Dell/ATI vga driver CD-ROM
  6. Microsoft IntelliPont floppy (1)
  7. Microsoft InterNet Explorer CD-ROM
  8. Crystal SoundFusion Driver (2 floppies)
  9. Iomega Tools CD-ROM
  10. Office97 CD-ROM
  11. Fore ATM driver CD-ROM

Here is the procedure:

  1. Start with "NT workstation setup disk" #1 and boot the machine.
  2. Feed it disk #2 when asked.
  3. "Welcome to setup" screen. Press ENTER.
  4. "NT workstation setup. Press ENTER.
  5. Feed it floppy disk #3.
  6. " not have any device support disk..." Press ENTER.
  7. More than 1024 cylinders. Press ENTER.
  8. Page down to end of license, press F8 to agree.
  9. Upgrade: ENTER, start from scratch, press "N".
  10. "No Changes", ENTER.
  11. Delete partition, press ENTER, press "L". "C" to create, size 4000, ENTER, press ENTER to install.
  12. Format using NTFS. ENTER. (Formatting takes a while). (Do not select FAT here, you can't successfully convert later).
  13. Location of files to be installed: "\WINNT". Press ENTER.
  14. Examine disks for corruption? Press ENTER.
  15. Now it starts copying files like mad.
  16. Press ENTER to restart.
  17. The system boots up.
  18. It converts FAT to NTFS.
  19. It reboots itself.
  20. WindowsNT Setup runs again, copies more stuff.
  21. Press ENTER for "Next>".
  22. "Custom". ENTER.
  23. Enter User name & Organization. ENTER.
  24. Enter Product ID.
  25. Enter hostname.
  26. Enter Administrator password.
  27. Don't bother with the rescue floppy.
  28. Select components. Add all accessories, all games. Add Utopia sound scheme for Lee. Under Messaging, turn off Microsoft Mail. NEXT.
  29. NEXT.
  30. Wired to the network.
  31. Network Adaptors. "Select from list". "HAVE DISK". a:\ (1 of 2) Select 3Com Faster Etherlink, OK.
  32. NEXT.
  33. TCP/IP Protocols. (Remove floppy #1 now, insert #2). NEXT.
  34. Network Services. NEXT.
  35. Now ready to install network components. NEXT.
  36. Copies stuff from 3Com floppy #2.
  37. "3Com successfully installed." OK
  38. It copies NIC software.
  39. "Congratulations! Driver is successfully installed." CLOSE.
  40. Remove 3com floppy from the drive.
  41. DHCP. NO.
  42. Copies TCP/IP software from the CD-ROM.
  43. "TCP/IP Properties" pop-up. Configure IP Properties.
  44. Click on DNS tab. Enter hostname, domain name. Add, OK. (Do *NOT* click on "WINS Address" tab!!)
  45. Show bindings. NEXT.
  46. Start network? NEXT.
  47. Workgroup: ACST. NEXT.
  48. Finishing Setup? NEXT.
  49. Setup is configuring your workstation to run Windows NT.
  50. Date/Time Properties. Eastern Time, US & Canada.
  51. Detected Display. OK. (Do NOT adjust display properties yet). OK.
  52. Copying files, cursors etc.
  53. "Windows NT 4.00 has been installed successfully." Restart computer? ENTER.
  54. (Remove CD-ROM. You're done with this one now.).
  55. (Press ENTER to stop 30 second countdown timer). (Do NOT press SPACEBAR, there is no known working config, yet).
  56. ctl/alt/delete to login. Administrator.
  57. Insert Windows NT ServicePack 3 disk in CD-ROM drive.
  58. It will auto-run, and brings up InterNet Explorer. Scroll down. Click on "Install Service Pack" hyperlink.
  59. Confirm File Open. "spsetup.bat". Click "OPEN".
  60. "Welcome to Service Pack Setup". ENTER.
  61. License. Click YES.
  62. Install Service Pack? Click NEXT.
  63. "NO, I do not want to create an uninstall directory." NEXT.
  64. Ready? FINISH.
  65. Files are now copied to C:\WINNT\System32
  66. "Windows NT 4.0 has been updated." OK.
  67. The system will now restart. (You are now done with ServicePack 3 CD-ROM)
  68. Log on as administrator.
  69. "My Computer." Properties. System Startup tab. Change to "Show list for 5 seconds". OK.
  70. Insert the Dell ATI graphics CD-ROM.
  71. Right click on desktop. Properties. Settings tab. Click on "Display Type..." button.
  72. "Adaptor Type" click on "Change".
  73. "Change display." click on "Have disk".
  74. d:\winnt
  75. ATIXpert98D AGP 2X.
  76. "Third party driver?" YES.
  77. Files are copied.
  78. Success. Click OK.
  80. Do you want to restart your computer now? YES. (You are now done with the display adaptor CD-ROM).
  81. Logon as administrator.
  82. "Invalid Display Settings" A new graphics driver has been installed. OK.
  83. Change desktop area: 1280x1024. True color. 85 Hertz. TEST. OK.
  84. See bitmap properly? YES.
  85. Select "Plus!" tab. Check "Smooth edges of screen fonts". Check "Show icons using all possible colors." OK.
  86. "Plus!" OK, OK.
  87. Insert Microsoft IntelliPont floppy.
  88. Double click "My computer". Double click on "A". Double click on "Setup" file.
  89. Language: English. NEXT.
  90. Welcome! NEXT.
  91. Person. NEXT.
  92. Person again. NEXT.
  93. Folder. NEXT.
  94. "Ready to copy..." FINISH.
  95. Has finished. CLOSE.
  96. Remove the floppy from the drive.
  97. Click "RESTART WINDOWS".
  98. Login as administrator.
  99. Insert the "Microsoft InterNet Explorer" CD-ROM. It auto-launches.
  100. Click on "Install Internet Explorer 4.0"
  101. "Active Setup". Do you want to continue with Setup? YES. (Because we didn't play 50 questions with the mouse driver).
  102. ProductID. NEXT.
  103. License. I accept. NEXT.
  104. Click "Full Installation" NEXT.
  105. "Windows Desktop Update". Select NO. NEXT.
  106. "Active Channel Selection". Change "United States" to "none". NEXT.
  107. Destination folder. NEXT.
  108. Preparing Setup. Active Setup copies files for a while.
  109. "Setup has finished installing components." OK
  110. "Configuring system, please wait." Must restart! OK.
  111. Logon as Administrator
  112. "Internet Explorer 4.0 Setup..."
  113. "Welcome, Microsoft Internet Explorer" popup, with 4 circles. Click "X" to close window.
  114. Insert disk 1 of 2 of the sound drivers. (This is done after installing MSIE to avoid all the noise).
  115. START / Settings / Control Panel.
  116. Double-click "Multimedia".
  117. Select DEVICES tab.
  118. Click "ADD" button.
  119. Highlight "Unlisted or Updated Driver". OK.
  120. A:\
  121. OK
  122. CrystalWave Audio Driver. OK.
  123. "Driver Exists". midimap.cfg driver is already on the system. Install a new driver? Click NEW.
  124. Insert disk #2. "OK".
  125. "CrystalWare(TM) Audio Driver". Click OK.
  126. Restart WindowsNT? Click "Restart Now". (Remove the floppy from the drive.)
  127. Login as administrator.
  128. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 is back. Window with 4 circles. Un-check "Show this next time you log in. Then X the window.
  129. Insert the IOMEGA CD-ROM. It auto-launches with an irritating sound. Select English.
  130. select "install Iomega software"
  131. "Welcome" NEXT
  132. License. YES
  133. Directory? BROWSE.
  134. Change path to C:\Var\Iomg_NT, OK.
  135. Do you want to create it? YES.
  136. Destination Location. NEXT.
  137. Files are copied.
  138. "No, I will restart later". OK. (Because we don't need this device yet).
  139. Insert Visual C++ CD-ROM.
  140. "Master Setup" Click on "Install Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Edition"
  141. Welcome. NEXT.
  142. License. YES.
  143. Registration. Enter CD key. NEXT.
  144. Check "Custom". NEXT.
  145. In Runtime Libraries. Check "Source Code".
  146. In Database Options. DETAILS. Select Microsoft DAO.
  147. Un-check FoxPro, Un-check dBase. Add Text and Excel. OK.
  148. Microsoft ODBC Drivers. DETAILS. Un-check FoxPro, un-check dBase. Add Text and Excel and Oracle. OK.
  149. OK again.
  150. "Books Online." DETAILS. Take everything. OK.
  151. NEXT.
  152. initial keyboard configuration. NEXT.
  153. Read to begin. NEXT
  154. Files are copied.
  155. "NT Symbol files." OK
  156. "Setup Environment Variables" OK
  157. Click on "RESTART WINDOWS" (Remove the CD-ROM).
  158. Logon as Administrator.
  159. (Install Microsoft Office97 here).
  160. Install the Fore ATM drivers now.
  161. Start internet explorer on the WinNT PC. Open the URL:
  162. Do what it says. Then come back here.
  163. Time to test the networking. Bring up an MS-DOS window.
  164. Try ping Try ping
  165. Try tracert Try tracert Try tracert
  166. At this point, if you have both ATM and Ethernet working, delete default gateway for the ethernet, via: Control panel. Network. TCP/IP properties. IP address. Select ethernet. Select default route field, and delete it. (Thus leaving only default via ATM). OK. Reboot.
  167. Congratulations! You're finished. :-)

In NT 4.0, there is a Registry hack for the legal notice at login. Create or assign the below key values:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon
Value: LegalCaption (REG_SZ): Title of message box

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon
Value: LegalNoticeText (REG_SZ): Text in message box

(One is a Caption, one is the Text).