Configuring Fore PCI ATM interface on WindowsNT

First of all make sure you have IP addresses for the host you are configuring. Sixteen 'subnets' have been assigned to Classical IP, from 128.63.240.x through 128.63.255.x, so that a total of 4096 IP addresses are available for assignment to the Classical IP ATM network, within ARL's 128.63 Class B IPv4 address. This should provide sufficient address space to allow all ARL hosts to exist on a single ATM-based IP network.

SLAD Classical IP addresses are to be assigned from the block 128.63.247.*.

Connect the fiber from the ATM switch to the receive jack. If the red light does not extinguish, connect the other fiber there. Connect the remaining fiber to the transmit jack.

In "Control Panel", double click on "network".

The "Network Control Panel" will pop up. Select the "Adapters" tab, and select ADD.

Select "HAVE DISK...".

Insert the Fore CD-ROM. Specify "E:\winnt" and OK. (Where "E" is the CD-ROM drive)

Select ForeRunner PCA ATM Adaptor and OK.

(several pop-ups).

In the "ForeRunner PCA ATM Adapter" pop-up, just click OK. And OK the warning.

In the Adaptor tab of the Network Control Panel, select ADD (again).


Specify E:\winnt and OK.

Select ForeRunner IP Over ATM (RFC 1577) Adapter and OK.

In the "IP Over ATM Adapter Configuration" pop-up, enter these numbers, preferably by cut-n-paste. ARP Server ATM Address:
Prefix: 47000580007300000003000100
ESI: 0020481c095f
Sel: 00
(Hint: Double click on zeros, hit DELETE, select value from Web Browser, Edit->Copy, point at box to be filled out, right click, select PASTE. Repeat.)

Hit OK.

Back in the "Network" pane, hit CLOSE.

The "Microsoft TCP/IP Properties" configuration menu will pop up, with the "IP Address" tab selected.

Change your adaptor to "ForeRunner IP Over ATM Adapter()".

Select "Specify an IP address".

Fill in "IP address".
Fill in "Subnet Mask" with:
Fill in "Default gateway" with (this is gw394-1. is gw328-2).
Hit OK.


Bring up an MS-DOS window.

Try ping

Try tracert

Congratulations! You're finished. :-)