UNDELETE: How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows95

There is an UNDELETE program provided by Microsoft on your Windows95 CD-ROM, it is in the \Other\Oldmsdos folder, called Undelete.exe, and you need to copy it into your \Windows\Command directory first.

Then, to use UNDELETE you need to run it in MS-DOS mode with the filesystem locked. Do this by choosing Start and Shutdown, then click on "Restart the computer in MS-DOS Mode" in the Shut Down dialog box.

At the DOS prompt, type "lock" and then "undelete". This runs the UNDELETE utility.

When you are done, type "unlock" and "exit" to restart Windows95.

That should help you save most, if not all, of your lost files.

Please note that ARL can't provide you a copy of this program, because it is licensed Microsoft software. You need to obtain it from the CD-ROM provided to you by Microsoft.

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