Running Paint-the-Night

Login on the console of toltec. Open 3 small scrolling windows in lower left corner of screen, in addition to the console window.

Ensure hardware is set up properly:

  1. On the BG Systems FlyBox, ensure power is on.
  2. Press upper left red button to the IN position (1/2 speed).
  3. Deactivate 2nd left red button (full speed).
  4. Deactivate 2nd right red button. (up=Bradley mode, down=stealth observer/chopper mode).
  5. On the Bradley mockup, turn on red switch in rear (on small tail).

Leftmost (small) joystick controls forw/rev. Center (small) joy controls up/down.

In lower window, run:

cd /dis/ptn/exec03

In upper window, run:

/usr/bsd/rlogin datacube2 -l guest
cd demo

In upper_middle window, run:

cd ~cha/demo
(Note: this script doesn't set a PATH, may have to be hand-run.)

Login to host stingray to start MODSAF


When MODSAF starts, pull FILE menu, select LOAD SCENARIO. Select LU1.1, click OK. Click "Leave Exercise". Wait for things to get going.

When MODSAF is running, after the PTN graphics window has gone non-black, in the lower_middle window, run:

cd /dis/ptn/exec03


In the Aladdin control panel, pull "VIEW MODE" menu, select "M2_Bradley", which takes POV to top of site 8.

With the cursor in the graphics window, these keystrokes are active:

In the Aladdin control panel, pull "VIEW MODE" menu, select "OBSERVER2" to look at a specific target, (maybe double-click on entity to attach to). Select "ORBIT" to fly around attached entity.


Select EXIT in the lower right corner of the Aladdin GUI. Everything should go away after a few seconds.

Press ESC in graphics window, if it hasn't gone away.

Run ipcs to check on status of shared memory and SYSV IPC crud. If any are left over, run:


Run ps -ef to hunt down and kill any stray aladin and dis_receive processes.