Configuring a Zoom modem for use on an Annex terminal server

You must run the serial port to the modem at 38400 baud when typing these commands:

at &f e1 s0=1s2=43s6=2s7=50s8=2s9=6s10=14s11=95
at s12=50s18=0 s36=7s38=2
at &c1&d2&g0&j0&k3&q5&r1&s1&t4&x0&y0
at b1 e0 l1 m0 n1 q1 t v0 w1 x4 y0  &w &v?

(Original CTJ version had v1 and &s0, which are wrong).

$Revision: 1.1 $

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