Configuring a US Robotics COURIER modem for use on an Annex Terminal Server

Start by ensuring the DIP switches are in a good starting configuration. The factory defaults need to be slightly modified: From switch one: OFF, OFF, ON, ON(*), OFF(*), OFF, OFF, ON, ON(*), OFF. The marked (*) settings differ from the factory. Switch 4 ON disables command echo, prevents feedback. Switch 5 OFF enables answering calls. Switch 9 ON enables command mode after +++.

Note that the modem will communicate at a fixed speed with the Annex terminal server for all calls, and this speed is determined as the speed the modem's RS-232 serial port was running at when the AT&W command was given. Therefore, be certain that the serial line you use to configure the modem is running at the same speed as the fixed speed of the Annex port. For the older Annex terminal servers (such as at ARL b328-1), the fixed speed is 38400. For newer Annex terminal servers (such as at GSI) this speed is 57600.

After connecting to the computer, enter "AT", and ensure that the modem is alive, with an OK response.

at&f1	Recall factory configuration #1
att	touch-tone dialing
atm0	speaker turned off
ats0=1	allow answer
ats32=6	voice/data button resets modem

These notable settings are included in the f1 defaults.

atx7	extended result codes (f1 default)
at&a3	Full protocol codes (f1 default)
at&h1	Hardware flow control (f1 default)
at&k1	compression enabled (f1 default)

A convenient cut-n-paste version:

at&f1 t m0 s0=1 s32=6 &w
USRobotics Courier V.Everything Settings...

   B0  C1  E1  F1  M0  Q0  V1  X7

   &A3  &B1  &C1  &D2  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K1  &L0  &M4  &N0
   &P0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %N6  

   S00=000  S01=000  S02=043  S03=013  S04=010  S05=008  S06=002  S07=060  
   S08=002  S09=006  S10=007  S11=070  S12=050  S13=000  S14=001  S15=000  
   S16=000  S17=000  S18=000  S19=000  S20=000  S21=010  S22=017  S23=019  
   S24=150  S25=005  S26=001  S27=000  S28=008  S29=020  S30=000  S31=000  
   S32=006  S33=000  S34=000  S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000  S39=000  
   S40=000  S41=000  S42=126  S43=200  S44=015  S45=000  S46=000  S47=000  
   S48=000  S49=000  S50=000  S51=000  S52=000  S53=000  S54=064  S55=000  
   S56=000  S57=000  

   LAST DIALED #:                                       


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