50 Years of Army Computing from ENIAC to MSR

FINAL AGENDA 50 Years of Army Computing

Wednesday November 13, 1996

Event                          Location                           Time

Registration & Coffee            TOB*                        0800-0830

Opening Session                  TOB                         0830-0915
     Welcome, Administrative Announcements, Historical Overview:
     Moye, Deitz, Bergin

Historical Dynamics              TOB                         0930-1030
     Why BRL? . . . Why Penn? . . . I was here...So what?:  Reed
     (Chair), Goldstine, Huskey

Women Pioneers                   TOB                         1100-1200
     Here we are today . . . These people were here at the
     beginning:  Smith (Chair), Butler, Antonelli, Reitwiesner,
     Holberton, Woodward

Lunch (a la carte)               TOB                         1200-1300

BRL Machines, Software and
           Applications          TOB                         1330-1530
     Gregory (Chair), Weik, Barkuloo, Merritt, Frank, Romanelli,
     Fritz, Giese

Roundtable                       TOB                         1545-1630
     Bergin (Chair), Goldstine, Huskey, Fritz

Social (Buffet)          APG Ordnance Museum                 1830-2030

Thursday November 14, 1996

Coffee                           TOB*                        0830-0900

Continuing Contributions         TOB                         0900-0945
     Networks, Supercomputers, BRL-CAD: Breaux (Chair), Eichel-
     berger, Muuss, Dykstra

61st Ordnance Brigade Parade
                            Fanshaw Field                    1045-1145
  Recognition: COL Paul Gillon (via Gillon Family)
  Presentation: Dr. Herman H. Goldstine-
                 US Army Distinguished Service Award

Lunch (a la carte)               TOB                         1145-1330

Civilian Ceremony                TOB                         1330-1430
  Recognition: Dr. John von Neumann (via von Neumann Family)
  Presentation: Dr. Herman H. Goldstine-
            Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service
  Recognition: Army Computing Pioneers
  ARL DoD MSRC Dedication

Future of Computing              TOB                         1500-1600
     New Capabilities, Driving Applications, etc. per MSRC Ini-
     tiative: Ellis (Chair)


* TOB: Top-of-the-Bay (Formerly the Officer's Club)

Jointly sponsored by The U. S. Army Research Laboratory and The U. S. Army Ordnance Center and School.

Registration information and further details will be forthcoming shortly.