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The Research Interests of MIKE MUUSS

Sadly, Mike Muuss was killed in an automobile accident on November 20, 2000.
His work lives on in testament to his intellect and indomitable spirit -- Lee A. Butler

Welcome! My research interests are in computer simulation ( geometric modeling, synthetic image generation, ray-tracing, virtual reality ), advanced MIMD processor architectures, high speed digital networks, and operating systems. My passion at the moment is real-time ray-tracing, with 3-D atmosphere, to create a physics-based "virtual reality" simulator.

I'm the architect of BRL-CAD, a substantial third-generation CSG solid modeling system available free of charge, which you probably have never heard of, and the author of ping , ttcp , and assorted other network goodies . Ping is a little thousand-line hack that I wrote which practically everyone seems to know about. *grin* It's included in every copy of UNIX® and Microsoft Windows95® and WindowsNT®, putting it into nearly every computer on the planet.

In case you were wondering, my last name is pronounced "moose", like the animal. Audio Greeting: .au (21k), .wav (42k), .mpeg2 (62k), .aiff (248k).

Unlike every other document on the Web, this page is in final form and completely finished. *grin*


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