RTSYNC: Operating Instructions

On the framebuffer machine, run

fbserv -w1280 -n1024 -F/dev/sgipf 0
fbserv -s512 -F/dev/sgip 0
Ensure that this is the development version which can accept multiple simultaneous connections. (If rtsync gets stuck after the first NEWBORN --> ALIVE transition, you are using an old fbserv). It's best if this host is attached to a high-speed network (ATM, FDDI, or HIPPI).

On the synchronization machine (host sync-machine-name), run

./rtsync -s512 -F vj:0 ../.db.6d/moss.g all.g
(substitute framebuffer machine's ATM interface for vj)

On each processor "node", run

./rtnode -d sync-machine-name 4446

On the viewpoint control machine, start up mged:

mged ../.db.5d/moss.g
e all.g
vrmgr sync-machine-name master
ae 35 25
Note that the developmental MGED doesn't seem to issue POV update messages, so a Release 4.4 version has to be used. Which in turn doesn't transmit perspective information.

Each time the viewpoint changes, the framebuffer should be updated. If the ray-tracer gets behind and multiple POV updates are queued, rtsync will jump-ahead to most recent one, to catch up.